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  • Connelly billiard tables come with 3 pieces of extra heavy duty, 1 1/4″ thick, premium certified, high performance, solid poplar wood backed slates. (excludes Kayenta and San Carlos which come with 1″ slate)

The extra 1/4″ of slate thickness increases the pool tables overall weight which improves resistance to a rolling pool balls kinetic energy. More resistance equates into an even more resilient and even more accurate rebound off the bumpers. It’s been known for a very long time now that slate backings made from solid Poplar wood secure the staples which hold the fabric / felt onto the playing surface area much better than any other material.

  • ICON K-55 profile cushions / bumpers come on all of Connelly Billiards pool tables except for the Kayenta and the San Carlos models. These superior K-55 profile cushions are slightly larger than the billiard industry standard which is the K-66 profile size.
  • All Connelly Billiards pool tables come with 4 bolts per top rail instead of just 3 which is the billiard industry standard. If 3 bolts per rail secure pool table bumper rails fairly well, then it makes perfect sense that 4 bolts will secure that same bumper rail 25% better.
  • The top rails are extra wide at 6″ to provide a wider platform which is needed for greater stability of your bridge hand when you need to place that hand on top of the rail.
  • 1.5″ thick veneer cabinet. 8/4″ thick hardwood cabinet is available at an up charge.

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