Competition Elite


We’ve crafted the table to be aesthetically beautiful while maintaining the superior construction, quality and consistent playability that we, as billiard manufacturers, have provided for more than 70 years.
The Competition Elite is our crowning tournament table achievement.

  • Super cushion dynamics thanks to incredible, 4-bolt rail system
  • 6 inch rail surface that improves shooting hand stability
  • 1.25 inch thick, premium certified, high-performance slate
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If your looking for a tournament style pool table the Competition Elite pool table by Connelly Billiards is an awesome choice.

  • It comes with extra heavy duty 1 1/4″ thick, wood backed slate slate for added weight that improves the resistance to the kinetic energy of the ball bouncing against the pool tables rails / bumpers.
  • It comes with 4 bolts per top rail instead of just 3 which is the billiard industry standard. If 3 bolts secure a pool tables bumpers fairly well then it just makes perfect sense that 4 does the same job but that same job is now done 25% better.
  • It also comes with K-55 profile cushions which are a slightly larger than the billiard industry standard which is the K-66 profile size.
  • The top rails are extra wide at 6″ to provide a wider platform for a more stable bridge when your bridge hand needs to be placed on top of the rail.

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