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We have many years of experience taking care of shooters cues. We stand behind our work and want your complete satisfaction when the job is completed. Ask your fellow players where they get their cue work done, then follow their advice and let us take care of one of the most important tools of your game.

Cue Repair

We do nearly every kind of cue stick repair you may want or need. Most repairs are done in house in short order. If we can’t do the needed repair ourselves, we will get it to the proper cue maker and get it done by the best.

Down turning Shafts

If you would like your existing shaft turned down to a smaller size or just have it’s taper altered, we can professionaly do that. We can do any type of taper you prefer. Many pool cue manufacturers taper their shafts with a very slight taper that they call a pro taper. We prefer to taper our shafts with what we call a no taper pro taper.

Cue Weight Adjustments

We will adjust the weight on just about any pool cue for FREE whether you bought it from us or not. Some are not adjustable without some delicate alterations. This we cannot do for free. If we simply exchange a weight bolt for you there is no charge. If you want to keep the original weight bolt, we charge for the new bolt only. Changing weight bolts usually only takes a few minutes and can be done while you wait.

Tip Work

We can replace your pool cues tip while you wait. It usually only takes about 7 minutes unless there is a line. You can also quickly drop it off your shaft and then pick it up later. We guarantee all our tip replacements for 30 days. It’s very rare that one of our tips come off, but it still happens about 1% of the time. If the tip does happen to come off, we will replace it at no charge and we will give you a free piece of chalk for your troubles. For warranty work on replaced tips you will need to bring in the same tip that just came off with you for inspection so that we can try and troubleshoot the issue and make double sure that it doesn’t happen again. We stock all of the most popular tips used nearly all the time. This includes nearly every one of the 16 different types of Kamui cue tips. Kamui tips are the most popular tips out there by far. About 75% of all pool league players in OKC use some kind of Kamui pool cue tip. We also have Ultra Skin tips, Navigator tips, Predator tips, Everest and other Tiger tips, Samsara, Moori Emerald, Zan, G2, and more.

Wrap Replacement

Replacing your cue sticks Irish linen or nylon wrap usually takes about one day. This can vary a bit if you want a wrap color that we do not stock. We currently do not do leather wrap replacements.

Ferrule Replacement

The white part of the shaft under the tip is the ferrule. Sometimes these crack and need to be replaced. Tips do not like to stay glued to cracked ferrules. Ferrule replacement takes at least an hour. We have to use epoxy glue to ensure the ferrule will stay on the cue We also will need to replace the tip if the ferrule has to be replaced. For ferrule replacement we recommend planning to leave the cue overnight to guarantee the glue has completely adhered to the cue.

Need Cue Work?

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