Overview of Services

Why use our services

Many places offer similar services but their’s no comparison to the quality of work we provide. We’ve been doing this a long time and have a reputation for excellent service.


We use the most expensive and the most precise machinist’s levels available to level every pool table we work on. They are 18” long Starrett brand machinist’s levels. We use 2 of them to level the frame and to level each of the 3 individual pieces of slate on top of your tables frame. You definitely won’t get that or our level of experience anywhere else. We use rubber shims under the legs to help ensure your pool table will not slide around. This also protects your flooring against potential scarring. We use 2 different types of shims for leveling underneath the slates. The type of shims we use here depends on how the table is constructed. During the leveling process we place our precision levels in 27 different positions across the tops of the 3 individual pieces of slate. We use up to 39 different leveling points underneath the slates. With the exception of the extra stubborn tables, usually only about 20 leveling points are used. We always use hardwood wedges under the slates unless the table has a detached slate liner. It is then necessary to use flat shims to ensure the best results. All these important steps determine whether or not your pool table will REMAIN level or not AFTER the work has been completed. We cannot control the settling of floors or concrete slabs due to earthquakes or just normal settling, but if you purchase a new or used pool table from us, we will re-level it once for FREE (if it is ever necessary) but only if the table has not been moved from its original position. If it’s necessary and you are out of town we will need to do that work when we are back in your area to be able to do it for free.

Slate Seams

We do not sand a pool tables slates, nor do we use beeswax, paraffin wax, or Bondo on them to smooth them out. First we flush them up as perfectly as possible before, during and after leveling, using the appropriate type shims for your table’s design and construction. Then we apply a special type of water putty to the seams and any slate screw holes that are in the playing area to ensure no future problems. The seams should definitely not be bonded together (as some say) with a type of glue strip. This leaves a huge gap between them that the filler can then fall out due to vibrations from simply playing on your pool table or children crawling on them. To make matters worse, there are many more earthquakes here in Oklahoma these days. It’s always best to have the least amount of gap in-between the slates as possible. Beeswax was once probably the best substance to use but times and technology have changed. Beeswax tend to expand when it gets warm and then pushes up out of the seams. Because of it’s nature it does not go back down after cooling. This leaves a ridge all across you pool table which can only be fixed by removing the fabric and then scraping the excess off.


It’s not really felt, though many call it that. Even many in this industry call it felt but it is a woven fabric, not pressed together fibers. There is a process that the fabric goes through called felting which is the shrinking and drying of the fabric after another process is performed. Regular carded wool billiard fabric is usually about 75% wool and 25% nylon. The blend percentage can vary greatly. The WORSTED wool types of fabric are much faster playing and much more expensive. Faster playing means the balls will roll much further on worsted wool as compared to most carded wool fabrics.

We mostly stock heavyweight CHAMPIONSHIP INVITATIONAL style fabric which has been bathed in TEFLON to resist staining. We have approximately 35 colors of billiard fabrics available. Please Click on our Color Charts tab to see the latest. We stock our fabrics by the bolt or roll. This ensures that your fabric will not have any permanent wrinkles in it from being folded too long. Fabric that has been folded for too long will develop permanent creases that will not stretch out or ever eventually go away even if someone tries to tell you they will. Most billiard fabric suppliers stock pre-cut pieces that have been folded for several weeks at least, and sometimes months and even years pass by before they are used. This will not usually affect the pool balls roll but visual creases are not a good thing for the appearance of your pool table.


Some of our products include: New and used home or commercial pool tables, antique pool tables, Champion, Boessling and Presidential shuffleboard tables, Tornado, Dynamo and Presidential foosball tables, ping pong tables / table tennis conversion tops for your pool table, billiard table lighting / lamps, pool cue floor and wall racks, game room equipment, man cave wall décor, darts, dart boards, dart cabinets, dart supplies, dice, dice games and dominos. We sell Aramith, Cyclop and Presidential pool balls. We also have billiard related t-shirts and baseball type caps. We stock collegiate billiard / pool table related gear like OU and OSU pool balls, cue sticks, neon lights, signs, night lights, and clocks mostly in University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University but we also stock a few collegiate items in the Texas and Kansas schools. We stock almost every kind or pool cue tip tool available including the Cuetec brand Bowtie tip pick and scuffer, metal and plastic joint protectors / tip pick / scuffers in 4 different joint styles.

Pool Cues

We probably have more custom pool cues in stock than everyone else in the state combined. We stock approximately 350 different custom cues. Our list of pool cue stick brand names include Pechauer cues, Schon cues, Lucasi cues, Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Viking cues, Viking Valhalla Cues, McDermott Cues, , Predator Cues, OB cues and shafts, Outlaw cues, Athena Cues, Players Cues, Players HXT Cues, Presidential Cues, Break cues, Jump / Break Cues, Jump Cues, Jimmy Ingram Cues, Joss Cues, Rage Cues, Stealth Cues, Cuetec Cues, Dufferin Cues, and Action Cues. Many of these cues when purchased new come with LIFETIME craftsmanship and also LIFETIME WARPAGE warranties. We also stock the Dr. Popper jump pool cue made right here in Oklahoma City, OK. by Mark Dimick. Mark is a professional trick shot / artistic pool shooter. If there is a certain cue you are looking for that we don’t stock we will be more than happy to get it for you. With a few exceptions, we can price match internet prices.

New Pool Tables

We stock about 20 models of new pool tables including Presidential Pool Tables, Diamond Billiard Mfg. Co. tables, Boessling Pool Tables and Connelly. We also sell Valley and Dynamo brand home and commercial style pool tables. Our new Presidential Billiards and Connelly brand pool tables come with a LIFETIME guarantee on everything except for the pockets and the fabric. This does include a LIFETIME guarantee on the bumpers / cushion rubber as well. All our new pool tables come with FREE local delivery and assembly by our own professional billiard mechanics. They also come with a FREE UPGRADED playing accessory package which includes everything you need to play a nice game of pool. The playing accessory package includes Balls, cue sticks, triangle, matching chalk, brush, bridge stick, cue rack, talc bag, rule book and instructional booklet. When you buy a new or used pool table from us you will receive a 15% discount on any additional items you might want except for an additional pool table. Some of our shuffleboard tables can’t be discounted quite that much, but then again some can. This discount is good from the time of purchase to 30 days after the actual delivery date. This allows you some time to see how things fit in your game room first and then still be able to cash in on the discount for more game room items. This discount is not good for any labor charges. After the 15% discount expires you will still be able to enjoy a 10% discount on almost anything except for labor charges for LIFE!!! This comes in very handy around Birthdays, Christmas time, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Also anyone in your immediate family is eligible for these discounts.

Used Pool Tables

We usually have at least 5 – 15 used pool tables available at all times. These are all located at our shop in NW OKC. On average about 2-3 used pool tables come and go per week. We have a section for our used pool tables here on our new website but a lot of times they come and go so quickly we don’t even get them posted before they sell. Feel free to call (405-942-1848) and I can text or email pics of our current stock. If you prefer, you can come by the store to see what we have available. When you buy a new or used pool table from us you will receive a 15% discount on just about any additional items you might want for your game room. A list of potential used pool table brand names in stock include Presidential, Brunswick, Olhausen, Golden West, Valley, Dynamo, United, National, US Billiards, World of Leisure, Gandy, Dufferin, Global Billiards, Beach Billiards, Connelly, Peter Vitali, A.E. Schmidt, Fischer, Kasson, Baker Mfg., Cue Master, Play Master, Jordan, Altec, ATI Industries, Quality Billiards, Imperial International, Murry, Diamond, Legacy, Southern Legacy, Sterling, American, American Heirloom, American Heritage, and Presidential pool tables. There are also several manufactures of pool tables that were located here in OKC. They include Patterson Hoffman, Joe Wythe, McCreery and A.J. Gill Billiard Supply and Mfg. pool tables all made here in Oklahoma City.



We have more antique pool / snooker / billiard / carom tables in our OKC., OK. shop than most have ever seen. Antique Pool / snooker tables in stock include, Brunswick, Brunswick Balke Collender, Went Co., Joe Wythe, Patterson Hoffman, and Kansas City Billiards (KCB) pool tables. Most times we have many of the antique Brunswick Balke Collender (BBC) pool tables in stock including The Medalist, The Royal, The Madison, The Monroe, The Anniversary, The Centennial, The Arcade, The Hudson, The Jefferson, The Regent, The Regina, The Chateau, The Newport, The Saratoga, St. Bernard Mission, Mission Style B, Phister, Coreno, Reno, The Economy, The Delaware, The Wellington, The Southern, The Paragon, The Sport King, The Gold Crown, The Homewood and others.


We carry all types of insurance necessary to provide all parties involved with complete assurance that neither you, nor we will have any concerns with our employees working in your home while we are performing any or our professional services. We will always go the extra mile to keep your family and ours safe in all that we do and we will PROVE it if you like. Just ask and we’ll supply the necessary documents. We understand your concerns. You wnat to be assured that professional are in your home moving around EXTREMELY HEAVY pool tables or other heavy game room equipment. We’ve been in our current location since 1964, so you have the peace of mind that we are local, established and you know where to find us.