The size of pool table you think you might want may turn out to be very different after you read this post. The size of the room you have for a pool table will many times limit your choices but that’s not exactly a bad thing unless you are just dead set on a larger sized pool table. There is nothing wrong with larger tables but you should consider all your options. We have some room size charts and even some game room design tools that will help you make an informed decision which could mean the difference in whether or not you will actually enjoy your pool table or not. If you have an open end and or open side to the room you want to place your pool ta

ble then this usually greatly increases the ability for you room to be able to accommodate any table size. You need to remember that you need an extra 4.5′ all around the pool table in order to allow for the length of the pool cues used to strike the pool balls. The standard full length pool cue is 58″ long but there are many shorter cue lengths available as well. Pool cues come in 52″, 48″, 42″ and 36″ in length. If you need to use anything shorter than a 48″ length cue most of the time then I might suggest a foosball table or a dart board for your game room instead of a pool table. With all this being said the size of the table you choose will make a big difference as well. Around 10 years ago it used to be that 2 out of 3 pool tables we sold were the 8′ size and 1/3 the 7′ size but that has now completely flipped to the exact opposite. Customers used to think that anything shorter than an 8′ sized pool table was just not a real pool table. In the last 40 years pool league teams have become more and more popular. Kinda like bowling teams used to be back in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Those have sort have declined while pool league teams have now gained so much popularity and momentum.

The pool league players all play on the 7′ sized tables so they are no longer thought of as a less than standard sized table. They are actually more fun to play on because it’s slightly easier to make a ball which increases the players satisfaction and they are still very challenging. see how many times you can break and run on a 7′ table and you will then realize what I’m talking about. Not even the very best of pool players can do that every time. Your family will enjoy whatever sized table you decide on but don’t rule out a smaller one. In the past so many buyers went ahead and placed an 8′ table in a room that would have been much more comfortable with the 7′ size and then later on they wished they had chosen the 7′ size. If you have enough room for an 8′ table then more power to you but today even those that do have enough room for those still choose the smaller 7′ size because that’s what they are more used to playing on and it leaves extra room for other things like furniture and or other games like shuffleboard tables, dart boards and foosball tables. Most pool played today is done on bar tables as it has also been done in the past 60 years since the first coin operated pool table was produced. Even most successful pool halls today have more 7′ sized tables than they do the larger sized tables. This is all due to the shift in popularity.

The popularity of smaller sized pool tables in homes is due to all these things as well as the fact that most homes just cannot accommodate the larger sized tables comfortably. It’s more fun to play on a smaller table and still be able to use the full length cue than it is to play on a longer table and be forced to use a shorter cue in order to do so. We will be more than happy to help you figure all these things out. Please contact us if you have any questions about any table you are interested in buying from us whether it be one of new or used pool tables or a used table your interested in buying from another individual. We are also more than happy to move used pool tables you might buy from another. If you need the bumpers or pockets or fabric replaced on one of those then we offer any service you might need in those regards. I caution you that getting multiple services like this provide for you can cost more than buying one of our used pool tables. As far as used table goes we don’t always have every style available but we do usually have around 10-12 used table options to choose from. We also make sure all our used tables are up to par. About 1 out of every 3 used tables we buy need new bumpers.

This is fairly expensive and so is replacing the fabric and pockets if that is necessary. We can move a table and reattach the same fabric for sure. Some of our competitors insist that the fabric be replaced but we have no problem with reattaching the existing fabric as long as you don’t blame us for any little nick or dings appear in that fabric that you may not have noticed before we had to stretch it out a few inches in length and width to make sure your fabric doesn’t have any loose spots in it after we reattach it. Ain’t nothin like a loose fabric with bubbles in it to have to deal with because it wasn’t stretched out properly w hen it was reattached. Billiard table cloth does loose some of its elasticity over time and if it’s not properly tightened up there will be greater issues than a small nick here and there opening up slightly. These especially occur around the pocket openings when balls bounce off the back of the pockets and then bang back into the slate right at the spot the balls drop off the edge.

Most times these slits will be stretched over the edge enough when we tighten it up by stretching the felt further that it has no repercussions other than visual ones. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about any of these things. Email is fine as well but we are a little slower in response that way for sure. I hope you find all this is relevant and important info for you and that you will soon be one of our future most satisfied customers. Give us a call and we will be as helpful to you as we can possibly be. Thanks for your time.


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