Pool Table Fabric

We stock two types of Billiard table fabric known as carded wool cloth and worsted wool cloths. Carded wool fabric is used on everyday as well as commercial pool tables. It is very durable. It comes in about 32 colors and it is more economical than worsted wool type fabrics. Worsted wool fabrics are much higher in speed by nature. They are also more durable and quite a bit more expensive. The worsted wool fabrics are available in about 28 colors. The speed difference of the two types of fabric is about 35%-40% with the worsted wool being the faster of the two. We have performed controlled speed tests at our shop and at a few commercial establishments and this was our conclusion.

Championship Billiard Table Cloths

Championship makes several types of billiard table fabric for in home consumers as well as for commercial applications. Their highest grade of carded wool fabric is the Titan style. The Titan fabric is the heaviest weight and it is made from the very finest and purest of wool materials. Because of the extra high quality wool used it will have far less dark fibers mixed in it. This is a must for some of the lighter and brighter colors where the darker fibers can be visible. Many colors do not require this extra high grade of wool to be used as the fibers are not very noticeable. The Invitational style is by far the most popular as its price point is more reasonable and the quality is pretty much the same as the Titan style. They also make some even more economical styles known as Mercury Ultra and Saturn. They also produce Worsted wool fabrics and backed fabrics that are designed for heavy duty commercial use on coin operated pool tables. The backed fabric pretty much eliminates nicks and tears as the super strong backing is glued to the bottom side of the fabric. I would say that approximately 95% or more of the usual little nicks are eliminated. It is not unusual to have a backed fabric last 100% longer on a coin operated table. To see all the available colors CLICK HERE.

Championship Invitational with Teflon

This is a carded wool type fabric produced by the Championship Billiard Fabric Company. It is available in 25 colors. It is bathed in Teflon which makes it extremely stain resistant. It is a heavy duty 20oz.(ish) fabric. The fabrics actual weight varies due to many things and the 20 oz/yd weight is supposed to be on the conservative side. Many sellers use the 21oz/yrd weight which on many days is probably equally as true. The exact weight on any given day depends on moisture content and a few other things. It is made from a blend of 75% wool and 25% nylon. This fabric is our best seller due to it’s heavy weight and it’s stain resistance. This fabric will many times last up to 15 years on a home table even with quite a bit of play. If something gets spilled on it and gets left there it will not soak in. It will evaporate and all you need to do is wipe up whatever you find left behind. I would say that about 95% of our cloth sales are of this type of fabric. To see all the available colors CLICK HERE.

Mercury Ultra Baked w/Teflon

This fabric is used on more coin operated pool tables across the world than any other type of billiard table cloth. It is preferred because it is one of the toughest, longest lasting most stain resistant fabrics on the market.  We only stock this type of fabric in the Championship green color.

Other Champion Fabric Types

Titan, Mercury Ultra, Saturn, Invitational with and without Teflon and Valley Teflon Backed, mercury ultra backed w/Teflon


Simonis has been making billiard table fabric in Belgium since 1680. They produce what is known as a worsted wool type billiard fabric. This type of cloth is produced by several techniques including a method known as combing which dispenses most of the shorter fibers. It is then tightly twisted which produces a stronger thread and then woven. After the weaving process it is then sheared which removes all of the nap. With all of these processes combined, an extremely smooth fabric is created. This is the ultimate material for the playing of all billiard games. It is the smoothest, most accurate, strongest and the fastest type of billiard fabric in the industry. Simonis billiard fabric comes in several different styles. The 860 style is the most commonly used worsted wool fabric in the United States. It is used on professional tournament tables all across our nation and the world. They also make a slightly faster version known as Simonis 760 style. They have recently come out with a product called 860HR which is finished slightly differently. It is specifically designed for high traffic commercial type tables. The HR stands for High Resistance. This is in reference to its resistance to wear and tear marks or scuffing. It is slightly shinier and faster than the regular 860 style yet slower than the 760 style. It is the cloth that almost everyone is using these days on commercial pool tables. Professional and Pool league players everywhere prefer the 860HR fabric because they want the best. To see all the available colors CLICK HERE.

Simonis Fabric Types

Simonis 860

This is by far the most commonly used worsted wool billiard fabric in the world. It’s a super tough and very fast playing cloth. It is used in many professional tournaments held all across the world. It is available in all 28 of their colors.  To see all the available colors of the world’s most popular worsted wool billiard fabric CLICK HERE.

Simonis 760

This is one of their faster types of fabric. It is a bit faster than the 860 style and is a little lighter in weight. Some players prefer the greater speed this style offers. It’s available in all 28 colors. They have a color that’s just right for your pool table. To see all the available colors CLICK HERE.

Simonis 860HR

This is the fabric that comes on many commercial tables right out of the factories. This is so because it is what the players are asking for the most. It has a High Resistance to wear and tear marks / scuffing. This will keep it looking good for a longer period of time. Keep your pool tables looking their best with Simonis 860HR. It is only available in a handful of colors. We stock it in the Tournament Blue and the Simonis Green colors which are by far the most popular.


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