Outlaw Red Rose Cue

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Introducing the Outlaw OL30 Red Rose Pool Cue – a masterpiece in cue craftsmanship that combines unparalleled performance with exquisite aesthetics. This Limited Edition cue is a true collector’s item, designed for discerning pool enthusiasts who demand the best in both style and playability.

The OL30 Red Rose Pool Cue features a striking design that immediately captures attention. The rich, deep red hue of the cue is complemented by intricate rose motifs, delicately engraved along the length of the forearm and butt sleeve. Each rose is a testament to the cue’s attention to detail, with fine detailing and a glossy finish that adds a touch of elegance to every stroke.

Crafted from premium maple wood, the cue boasts a superior construction that ensures optimal balance and stability. The precision design incorporates a 29-inch pro taper shaft, providing players with a comfortable grip and enhanced control over their shots. The cue’s tip is made from high-quality leather, delivering a consistent and accurate hit with every strike of the ball.

The Outlaw OL30 Red Rose Pool Cue doesn’t just captivate the eyes; it delivers a stellar performance on the pool table. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a casual enthusiast, this Limited Edition cue is engineered to meet the demands of players at every skill level. The cue’s unique serial number, signifying its exclusivity, adds an extra layer of authenticity and pride to its ownership.

With only a limited number of units available, the Outlaw OL30 Red Rose Pool Cue is not just a cue; it’s a statement piece that reflects a commitment to excellence and an appreciation for the artistry of the game. Elevate your pool experience with this extraordinary cue, where form meets function in a harmonious blend of style and performance.