Diamond Pro-Am 7′ Pool Table


1″ thick single piece slate. 3 piece slates are available if you need to take it upstairs and the single piece slate will just be too difficult or too dangerous to take upstairs.

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The Diamond Pro Am, is considered the Cadillac of pool tables It is the table that serious players want to play on. Tournament and pool league players are very familiar with these as many pool halls and bars have them these days. The Pro-Am is nearly identical to the coin-operated version called the Smart Table except for that it does not have the coin mechanism and a few other things needed to be operated commercially. As far as the way it plays, it is identical. There are several choices of finishes, construction materials and also sizes so please call for an exact price on the table you desire. Included in the price are all shipping costs, local delivery fees, Tournament Blue or SImonis Green 860 HR high speed commercial quality worsted wool Simonis brand name fabric, a matching heavy duty, Diamond made, wooden triangle or their new light weight plastic commercial triangle.