Pool services

We service all types of pool tables in the OKC area as well as all across our state and sometimes surrounding states. We can service just about anything in your gameroom. We will need to know a few things about your product to be serviced first and then we will be able to give you a quote over the phone in a matter of minutes.
If you need your pool table moved or if you are buying one from someone else and need that one moved we will be happy to do that for you. We need to know a few things before we can give a good estimate. We need to know the size, the brand name if possible, and whether or not it needs to be moved up or down any flights of stairs. We do not charge any extra for a few steps on the porch or in the house. We will need to know if you want to replace the fabric or not and we also need to know the approximate locations as to where it is now and to where it is going. Sometimes there is a need for some mileage fees. If you are looking at used pool tables to purchase, we usually have several of those to choose from as well. Delivery and assembly of our used pool tables is usually free. We provide moving services for flooring replacement as well.
If you would like to have your pool table recovered with new fabric then look no further. We keep about 35 colors of billiard fabric in stock at all times which means you will not have to wait for a shipment. Please check out our color chart HERE. We stock our fabric by the bolt which means it has not been sitting around on a shelf in a package folded up. We cut each piece to order right before we do the work. This ensures that you will not have any visible creases in your pool table’s playing surface. Most will tell you that these creases will go away after a little while but if the fabric has been folded too long this is simply not true. When we recover your table we will put a fresh coat of putty on your slate seams and level under it legs at no extra charge as long as it’s not totally out of whack to begin with. Our recovery price does not include leveling of the slates or the removal of beeswax. Please do not confuse a recovery with an assembly. They are not the same and they are priced differently.

We will level or relevel your pool table if you like but many times that cannot be done very precisely unless the table is disassembled and then reassembled properly. We can adjust underneath the legs only for a minimal fee, but to get one as level as possible the slates must be leveled in respect to each other as well as to the frame they are sitting on. We level every table we work on with the help of two 18” Starrett machinists levels. These are the best, most accurate levels that money can buy. You simply will not find most billiard mechanics using them. We use them because there is no better way to level a table. As far as I know we are the only ones here in OKC that use these types of levels. Please see a picture of a true Starrett levlel. Most levels have about 1.5” bubbles. Not even digital levels will ever come close to the accuracy of ours.

Cushion rubbers worst enemies are Light, Heat, Cold and Time. Cushion rubber replacement is often necessary on many older pool tables and even on some not so old tables if they had cheap rubber on them to begin with. This is a very difficult task to perform and you don’t want an amature doing it for you if you want the work to look good and your table to play properly. There are many different styles, shapes and sizes of cushion rubber and it’s critical that the proper rubber is reattached. The technique used to remove the old bumpers is also very important because if done wrong a lot of damage can be done to the liners that the rubber is attached to. If your pool tables needs new bumpers we will do an excellent job replacing it as we have plenty of experience in this area. We replace on average about 2 sets of cushion rubber every week. This is a fairly expensive task as it takes about 2.5 hours of work just to replace the rubber and that doesn’t even count attaching new fabric afterwards. We can usually remove and reattach the old fabric but it’s a great time to go ahead and replace the fabric if needed because we have to charge you to reattach the old fabric anyway. The only cost difference in getting a new fabric attached is the cost of the fabric itself. A lot of people are looking for good deals on used pool tables but many times they find out the hard way that they could have bought one of our refurbished used tables and gotten off a lot cheaper because we totally go through them and take care of all these types of things for you in advance. There are no hidden costs when you buy one of ours. The local delivery and assembly of our used pool tables is free.
If you need your pool table or shuffleboard table stored for any period of time in an insured, secured, and climate controlled environment, we can provide that service. We will come and pick it up, store it and return it when you are ready for it. We have insurance coverage to protect your pool table against any possible tornadoes, fires, theft, etc.. . We will also take very good care of your table while in transit. Transit time in between locations is insured against any possible mishaps as well. It’s much less expensive and safer to store your pool table with us than to rent a storage unit. Call for current pricing.
We will breakdown your pool table for you and package it up for safe moving. Most moving companies require that the slates be put into individual wooden crates. This is mostly for insurance reasons. They may actually be slightly safer in crates but not by much in my opinion. I have seen plenty of broken slates come out of wooden crates. The slates safety really all depends on how they are handled and loaded. If your are moving anywhere close by then it’s usually much safer and less expensive to just let us move your pool table. We move tables all across our state and beyond. However we will be more than happy to break down your pool table and crate up your slates for movers.
A restoration is usually only done to antique pool tables. Most times it’s more expensive to completely restore a table as compared to what it would cost to replace it with a new one. We do restore several antique pool tables every year. Some are done to tables our customers provide and some are done to antique tables that we sell. Many times we wait to restore our antique tables until they are purchased so that we can customise the stain and other things to meet the specific need of each individual situation. We can usually do a complete restoration within 8 weeks . Many of our antique tables have been partially done already to reduce the time it will take to complete one. An antique pool table in this nearly ready to go condition can be finished up in about 2 weeks depending on exactly what is required to meet your needs. We can match the colors already in your home or we can restore them to their original factory conditions.
We do all kinds of work for insurance companies. Whenever a misfortune arises we can provide them with professional replacement cost / repair estimates. If you live around here you are fully aware of our potential for tornadoes and hailstorms not to mention fires, earthquakes and water line breakages. We can assist quickly If you or your insurance company need immediate work completed.

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